About Me

I am a solo Android and iOS Developer. I want to make best apps in the devices that I own - currently they are Galaxy Note 2 and iPod Touch 5th Generation. 

I create the best apps for specific purposes in my life, if there are no such apps previously available. I would not create apps, if I can just merely use other people's apps and be totally satisfied. Making the best apps for me requires a lot of time and efforts. But I am very happy to say all the work I put are worth it, because my finished apps make my life much better and there are no other apps that can server me better for the purpose.

I studied Computer Science in Ridgewood High School and Bowdoin College.

Of course, as I sell my apps, I put extra efforts to accommodate more wide audience by making things simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

I believe that you would also be able to use my apps for similar purposes for the best results.